Will I have to follow a rigid diet plan?

No. The various meal examples, my food guides and the education given will allow for food flexibility and learning. This knowledge will be stuck with you for life and ultimately, allow you to make smarter choices and keep progressing.

What if I can’t go to the gym?

Home workouts will be available. You would be surprised just how much weight you can lose by not only having a structured nutrition plan but also having a team of like minded individuals keeping you motivated.

What if I don't want a massive transformation?

Great. The important thing to remember is that this challenge is for YOU. Your goals and your journey, even if you weren't in it to win it. £99 for access to Scotlands Leading Transformation Service for 8 weeks is pretty good value.

I’m completely new to the gym and weights, will I still benefit?

Absolutely. As I said, at the very minimum a structured diet plan tailored to you will see you reach your goals. All gym and home workout exercises will be available at the touch of a button. It will be like I'm with you 1-1.

So Whats Included?

Access to my Exclusive App with 6,500 exercise tutorials
Your Calories & Macros calculated for you with Structured Meal plan options
Access to the files I give my clients to help achieve the best results in Scotland
Your Full 8 week Plan with scheduled check in days
Access to my Private Facebook Group with daily accountability and your questions answered THAT DAY.

What if I have very specific Dietary Requirements?

I will cater to your needs.